About Let Her Eat Clean

I get called lots of things (and answer to most of them) but more often than not I go by Ruth.

I’m whole food’s biggest proponent. In 2011 I went on a Paleo ‘pilgrimage’ that has paved the way for so much more. Real food makes me feel awesome. Buying it, preparing it, cooking it and above all sharing it. I’m happiest when sat round a dinner table for hours with those closest to me.

I started this blog in January 2013 for so many reasons – above all because I’d been writing posts in my head for months and wanted to share these musings. If reading any of my posts helps someone else feel awesome, I’ll be more than happy with that.

Thanks for coming along for what will hopefully be a decent read and a memorable ride.

How Let Her Eat Clean came about

During my training for the Paris Marathon in 2011 I noticed good friend and fellow blogger Ceri Jones post a Facebook status about ‘The Paleo Diet for Athletes” to support her training for the London Marathon. I too purchased a copy and got stuck into a whole new way of life as a result. Cleaning up my diet took time initially. I couldn’t let go of the golden syrup Quaker Oats for breakfast or the ketchup on eggs for months. But it was small, constant changes that genuinely started to make huge differences. My marathon training got easier as I started to get that bit leaner. But above all it was a chance to break free. Break free from years of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, calorie restriction and goodness knows what other hideousness was borne out of an unhealthy obsession with the scales.

I now embrace a lifestyle that leaves me waking every morning with a spring in my step, raring to attack the day ahead.

I’m less Paleo and more ‘real, good, whole foods that work for me’ these days but I’m still all about a vote with my fork that will hopefully one day mean better food for everyone.

I lost my Mum to cancer in January 2013. I’ve tried my best to live every day to the full, in her honour, since.

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