H20 revisited

water glass

Following my post on water and how much we should be drinking earlier this week it led to some lively discussion on the Let Her Eat Clean Facebook group.

I’m the first to acknowledge this blog is very much based on my personal experience, I’m a student of nutritional therapy, not an expert and always very keen to learn. As such, I wanted to share some of the excellent info that got contributed to my Facebook page via a post that helps you learn more.

I might be drinking too much

Yip, it seems that 3L a day isn’t necessarily the right amount for everyone. In my case, I know when I’m thirsty and I lead a really active existence so it’s not surprising I put away that much, but it’s definitely not necessary for someone with lower activity levels or who simply feels they’re not thirsty and doesn’t need to take on board more water. Equally too much water can flush out the important minerals we’re taking in from our food.

So how much is too much and then enough?

Well, this is where it gets really complicated or rather there simply is no out and out answer – and not even thirst seems to be a clear indicator that you actually need more water. Sorry not to be more help here…

One of the personal trainers that commented in the group did however suggest that he’d read recommendations of 39 ml per kg of bodyweight. So an 80kg person should drink around 3.1L per day. This seemed like a helpful starting point if nothing else.

Filtered water is bad / not ideal

Huh? Are these guys for real? Well, what was actually explained in this – along with the nasty pollutants in the water you’ll find a whole host of minerals we actually need. Our bodies’ potassium and sodium balance is critical. Potassium draws water into the cells and sodium draws water from the cells.

But I drink filtered water because I don’t want the bad stuff – but I’d love the minerals too

Well why not do both? Use a filter to take the toxins out of the water and then add a pinch of sea salt or pink rock salt to your water. This will add back some of the valuable minerals removed by the filter.

Electrolytes can help improve hydration as they help draw fluid into the cells.

So I hope that’s as helpful for you as it was for me. Keep the challenging and the questions coming. For Let Her Eat Clean, every day truly is a school day.