Why go to a functional medicine doctor?

This week I had my first ever appointment with functional medicine supremo, Dr Georges Mouton.

I mentioned I was lucky enough to sit in on several of Dr Mouton’s consultations during the summer break from college. But I’ve always been a firm believer that there’s often no better way to learn than being your own guinea pig. So I set off for appointment one of two with Dr Mouton at The Hale Clinic London.

Why functional medicine?

Ultimately functional medicine is about prevention not cure. Health being about much more than the absence of disease. It’s about achieving full health potential and living the happiest, healthiest life possible.


Functional medicine and the holy grail of achieving equilibrium 

Functional medicine and the holy grail of achieving equilibrium


Throughout the consultations, Functional Medicine develops advanced and tailor-made treatment programmes for patients to help get them to this point of optimum health.

Specifically during my consultation I wanted to look at:

  • Hormonal balance – since coming off the contraceptive pill over a year ago I’ve really struggled to regulate my periods. The worst cycle was 10 weeks apart from the last
  • Pre-conception – in line with the above I want to ensure I’m in tip top condition before we think about starting a family. I want to give any future Crisp the best possible chance in life from the moment that egg is fertilised
  • *cringes* Sluggish bowels – despite what I’d consider to be a pretty decent diet, there are just some days when I can’t “go” when I want to. What’s all that about?!

I’m also obviously really mindful of how my Mum’s life ended too and if there are any measures I can take to prevent a similar fate then I’m all for that.

Preparing for the appointment

Much to the hilarity of my husband and a friend visiting us for the weekend, prep for the appointment included some rather significant effort around urine collection. That’s 24 hours of collecting every last drop in a sizeable pre-issued 2L receptacle. This was definitely where I paid the price for my hefty water consumption. I’d notched up over 2.5L by the end of my ‘stint’.

I know what you’re all thinking right now… Let Her Eat Clean lives in Wales now. The appointment was in London… So yip, the 2L ‘proper’ pot accompanied a large Evian bottle with me on the train to London. Don’t worry. I kept it classy… The only way to travel in style was to conceal my collections in a Jo Malone bag.

Fasting was necessary ahead of bloods being taken during the appointment so that made seconds of a slap up Sunday dinner as good as obligatory. The appointment was at 2:45pm on Monday after all.

At the appointment

Dr Mouton runs an incredible operation from his Hale Clinic base, especially thanks to his superb assistant Albert Cochet. On arrival patients fill in an extensive questionnaire of how often they eat a list of over 250 foods. Everything from deep fried chicken to horse… (I jest you not). Next up, a series of pre-screening questions with Albert. ‘Were you often sick as a child?’; ‘Have you had any surgery? Hospital stays?’; ‘What are your main reasons for attending the appointment?”. All this then forms the background for the start of the magic happening.

Enter Dr Mouton. What David Beckham is to football, Dr Mouton is to Functional Medicine. We chat about lifestyle, recap medical history and my reasons for being there. He gives knowing nods and glances but doesn’t give anything away. That’s the really important thing about Dr Mouton – he’s scientific in his approach, he leaves no stone unturned, every single patient is treated individually with every protocol tailored to different needs.

My next appointment is December 16th. I can’t wait to get a closer look at my biology and find out exactly what’s going on in this ere body of mine.

Have you ever been to a functional medicine doctor?