The Love List

Love List

So much love for…

My husband, obvs

My sister

My Welsh roots and climbing mountains

Marathon madness

Working up a sweat at CrossFit – especially with those at CrossFit Evolving and Celtic CrossFit

My personal trainer and clean eating inspiration StreTch Rayner at My Momentum

The amazing Caitlin Moran – ‘Moranthology’ being much better than ‘How to be a woman’

Hawksmoor bone marrow gravy

The Byron Double Skinny

The wonderful, wonderful people of Hubbub

Treat days at Hummingbird Bakery, Chilango, Burger & Lobster and The St John Bakery for doughnuts like no one else makes

The smartest nutrition professionals I’ve worked with to date at Health Uncut

Overspending in John Lewis

Coconut awesomeness from Coyo

Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Body

Booja Booja chocolate heaven

The constant dinner inspiration from Cucina Ceri

Writing lists… If you gotta remember it, write it down… It’s a sad day when I haven’t written on a Post-it note