This week I…

Ate. And ate. And ate.

Regular readers of this blog will know the weekly round up post usually covers food, literature and education. This week is a little exception.

After a marathon food is so, so important to support repair and recovery. I’ve been known after previous marathons to put everything I stand for to one side for a week. Gorge myself silly on all totally rubbish foods that have supported nothing more than a post marathon whirlwind of woe. Not this time, this time I had it covered – and I feel so good as a result.

This week I_food I simply decided to eat foods that would normally fall into a bit of a ‘treat’ category for me but ultimately would do no harm – and were a far cry from the manufactured rubbish I’d previously settled for.

The creamy Cornish brie; the crunchy crackling from a joint of pork belly served up with crispy goose fat roasted potatoes; the sensational strawberries; the pure sunshine in a glass that was hand squeezed orange juice; the sickly sweet blueberry, Greek yogurt and honey breakfast combination; the trips to Leon and Itsu…

What meal did you enjoy most this week?