2014: a year of two halves

Life all too often feels like a bit of a game, doesn’t it? You’ll win some days, lose others and sometimes just cut your losses and call it a draw.

A freezing farewell to 2014 on Dunstable Downs


I’ll never forget waking up on January 15th 2014. It was like coming off the back of an insane all nighter and then being run over repeatedly by a rubbish truck that still did its infuriating and painful beeping, beeping, beeping. It unfortunately marked the start of several empty, anxious months that followed. Grief, finally setting in but being ignored for too long as plates kept spinning, spinning, spinning. But there’s only so long those plates will keep spinning and you finally cave and acknowledge you can do anything just not everything.


And it was from that moment that life suddenly went off the scale awesome again. A period of self-imposed recovery supported by acupuncture, a weekly shift at a local coffee shop, a better idea of what my priorities really were and the opportunity to fall back in love with life again.

It’s been a year of meeting so many new people and getting to know others far better. A real chance to establish ourselves in the new place we now so affectionately call home, being back in an office that I genuinely love going to every morning; a supportive boss, fun colleagues but a part time post that leaves plenty of room for my studies.

But the studies have extended beyond the classroom and others have taught me so much – photography, cake baking, bread making, lessons in life that didn’t feature on the curriculum. The list of things to work through in 2015 will continue (sewing, gravy making, basic plumbing) but for now I’m sat here feeling ever so lucky for the opportunities this year has brought with it. Setting up lunch clubs, being invited to speak at events in the Welsh capital, restaurant reviews, cycle to work schemes and all the things in life that come for free like soaking up the sunshine (didn’t we have just the best summer?!), filling my lungs with the freshest of air.

I’m the first to acknowledge and agree that we are, absolutely, only as strong as those around us. The support lovely human beings offer one another is unrivalled. To friends of nearly twenty five years, five months and strangers for five minutes that tell you on an ‘off’ day you’re actually rather lovely, I thank you all.

But to three very special people…

[Little] Sis


Three years my junior, twenty life years my senior. For every (sensible!) decision you’ve helped both Andy and I to make this year. For every ‘pull yourself together’, ‘oh for goodness sake just have the glass of wine’, ‘no, get to bed, slow down!’ etc etc Whats App message that has come my way I am very, very grateful. Year on year I’d give you my last Lindt chocolate Santa – at least until the bunnies come out at Easter.

Papa Walters


For every deep belly laugh you’ve unintentionally provided. For all the blissful ignorance you live in, for every lunch tab you pick up, for every time you offer your genuine help. For every social media update you’ve so unwittingly been part of – I’m sure the rest of my readers are equally grateful. Mothership sure did pick a good one.

To the incredible man I married


The one I never listen to, the one that so admirably supports my many hair brain schemes. For every cold dinner you’ve eaten on the back of much Instagram faffing, for every steaming mug of coffee you’ve brought to my bleary-eyed bedside Monday to Friday. For bearing with me, especially through that less than positive start to the year.

And here’s to you *raises glass of the bubbliest of bubbly* my wonderful readers. You’ve stuck with me, you’ve grown with me, you’ve kept me going. For that I’ll commit to bringing you plenty more cheer in 2015 and confirmation that it’s ok to eat cake (mindfully, of course). As you sit down to think about your resolutions for 2015 go steady and remember, you can do anything but not everything.

Here’s to all of you xxx