An open letter to summer 2014

I got all shaky and giddy. There it was, my final result of the year on the screen before me. A passport to 10 weeks of freedom. Day after day of brilliance lay before me. You’ve been good to me you have Summer 2014, and for that, I am seriously grateful.

I was scared you’d peaked too early in dolling out the enjoyment factor. Day 2 and this woman is thrusting herself upon me.

Photo 03-07-2014 22 35 08


The next morning I’m in someone else’s gorgeous kitchen, learning to bake. Savouring every mouthful. The start of an important journey, about being kinder to myself.

Photo 04-07-2014 16 08 05


More culinary adventure that same weekend and an introduction to Eritrea – in the deepest depths of South East London.

Photo 05-07-2014 21 01 55


You brought with you rain but that didn’t matter. I’ve got a new coat that pretty much stinks of sunshine so we gave the gloomier days a run for their money together.





There were siestas

Photo 13-07-2014 17 10 43


And summer parties

Photo 18-07-2014 00 26 17


People sharing kindness and gratefulness

Photo 21-07-2014 10 23 03


Family time in France




Visitors that brought with them full permission for me to play tour guide for the day

Photo 13-08-2014 11 55 05


There were things we would never have done together in London. Like Saturdays spent at waterfalls

Photo 16-08-2014 15 55 52


And clambering to the very edge of the coast line

Photo 24-08-2014 00 56 04


Bike rides as the sun set

Photo 26-07-2014 20 19 35

We invited so many to eat at our table. Lunch clubs and supper clubs. We were only too happy to share a slice of the good life.

Photo 31-07-2014 13 21 41


Summer 2014, you came at a time when I needed you most. You’ve left me revived, recharged, just like the old me again. You were awesome. Thank you xxx