To you, on your due date

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The past couple of weeks have been rather emotional and somewhat draining /nothing at all to do with pregnancy. But such is life and you, my little one, have brought so much hope, to all involved, during what’s been a painfully trying time. And that’s not counting the first attempt at assembling the stroller…

Man with a pram

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Aunty Tink still hasn’t fathomed how to take the brake off but thankfully Uncle Wilbur has proved far more reliable at baby bouncer construction. We’ve spent more time together recently than we would otherwise have done, they’ve politely worked through a to do list of furniture removals and we’ve reclaimed our “grown up” front room. Just to make it clear, if you’re sick over my new M&S herringbone throw you might get put up for adoption…

Everything is ready for you. Most importantly our hearts. They have so much room to love you, grow with you, learn with you. We’re probably going to get it so wrong in the beginning but I’m telling you now, we will, at all times, be attempting to give it our best shot.

There’s a textbook list of “how to bring on the baby” that we should probably start to work through. But I’m not a big fan of curry, am well aware from my studies I’d need a good four thousand pineapples for sufficient amounts of Bromelain to contract my uterus and quite frankly an awkward poke in the dark is so far removed from the beautiful way (I was merry, not drunk, honest!) that you were conceived I just don’t think I could do that to either of us.

You’ve been so very good to me. I can’t complain about this, my first, pregnancy one single bit. We’ve ventured across London to college together and you behaved impeccably at 33 weeks to allow me to sit (and subsequently pass) my final exams of the year. What’s ahead for us both I just don’t know but you’ll be drowning in love at even the most trying of times. Your Daddy’s a push over, at least you’ll be able to do no wrong by him – even at 1, 2, 3 and 4am.

See you soon…