Every day’s a school day

Einstein. A clever man. Especially when he said this:

Albert Einstein Quotes 5

Nutrition is an absolute minefield. The industry is full of ‘experts’, opinion is always changing and generally no one ever agrees on a given topic. There are however some fundamental facts attached to the basics that no one – not even the Twitter trolls – can argue with.

I’ve been overwhelmed (thanks everyone, too kind, too kind) by the response to this morning’s breakfast post. I think what made it so successful was my willingness to break my first meal of the day down bit by bit and give helpful guidance on what makes it a decent feed.

So, clearly we need some more of that. I mean, what the #@$% is clean eating any way? Whole foods? Compared to what, half foods? Right, let’s work through this one together.

As my mate Einstein (gee, I wish I’d known that guy) says, to explain simply is to understand so if everyone else gets what I’m trying to say, I’m hoping that means as a budding nutritionist keen to consult patients one day this will help me in the long run too.

What do you want to see more of?

How can this blog help you?

Drop a note in the comments section and let’s get cracking on this journey together. Thanks in advance for all the help.