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Introducing... Ruth

Mama of Two: 3-6 months

from 8th July 2019 by .

The heady highs of the first three months were quick to evaporate with the dawn of month four. It’s been three more recent months in a pressure cooker of utter overwhelm. I am giddy; rarely with excitement but the relentless and savage burden of the mental load. I am beyond sick and of course forever […]

Selfish Mother…

from 7th May 2019 by .

 I’ve worn and loved Molly’s t-shirts and sweatshirts for more than three years now. To be honest, I was initially a bit of a crowd follower, wanted one because I thought that was what new Mamas did. But then I learnt more about Molly’s business, what she and her garms stand for and I’ve since gone […]

Mama of two: 0-3 months

from 8th April 2019 by .

    The heady adrenaline highs of giving birth in my bathroom have carried me through a lot of this fourth trimester. Most days, I could have wandered through the park, waving my arms in the air as ‘This Is Me’ belted out from my head phones. Only the small matter of needing to push […]

And now we are four – Bronwen’s birth story

from 28th January 2019 by .

Autumn 2015. 10 weeks after birth. The absolute low point was soiling myself on the way back from a trip to town. I’d had a lovely time. Felt fit, well. It was a fine day. I decided to make the most of it and walk home. The urge started. It couldn’t be suppressed. The Thai […]

Grief never ends – and that’s ok

from 15th January 2019 by .

  Grief never ends It changes It’s a passage, not a place to stay Grief is not a sign of weakness Nor a lack of faith It is the price of love – Author unknown – When I came across this verse towards the end of last year it made my heart sing a little. […]

On three becoming four

from 19th December 2018 by .

For as long as I’ve been a working parent I haven’t generally worked on Tuesdays. Occasional ones. But rarely. From our daughter being 14 months those days have been just ours. Some have been shouty, hard going, riddled with illness, unexpected juggling and not the stuff of part time working day dreams. But whatever they’ve […]

Parenting 2 1/2-3

from 7th September 2018 by .

  You must have known I was going to sit down to draft this post today. You have bombarded me with your affections, listened to me for the most part and upped the ante on the cute. It’s easy to forget you have days like this. Especially when raising a 2.5-3 year old more commonly […]

Parenting: 2-2 1/2

from 7th March 2018 by .

It’s been one of those days for the past six months. Those days go a bit like this… 5:30am ‘wake up’. I use the term loosely because we were all woken up at whatever time you wandered into our bedroom and I lifted the duvet on auto pilot as you climbed in, did a ton […]

How is it half a decade already?

from 15th January 2018 by .

Whenever I said “my Mum died” to a relative stranger I’d always, always follow it with “in 2013” for both their benefit and mine. A sort of comforting context, I guess. So they knew it wasn’t yesterday but recent enough that I could still indulge myself by sharing anecdotes of Mothership’s brilliance. We’d both always […]

Parenting: 18-24 months

from 5th September 2017 by .

Almost two incredible years that we’ve now had you on this planet. I made notes as it all motored along so quickly, but still had to double check what follows is only from the past six months. You have changed beyond all recognisable proportion – emotionally, intellectually, physically and nearly always endearingly. The first point […]