This week I….

Number thirteen (unlucky for some, definitely not me!) in a series of Friday posts looking at a very quick snapshot of the week that was.


Well, drank, if we’re being particular about things.

I arrived in London for the hand over of my last proper day in PR to a glorious selection of PLENISH goodies at my desk.

PLENISH Following a cheeky Instagram I was plagued with:

“U drinking that? #doesntlooknice”


“No offence sister but think you would need to pay me to drink that green drink!! Xxx”

I find it fascinating how our tastes change and differ so much. When I got in touch with the lovely folks at PLENISH and they so kindly offered to send me some samples, I was excited! I knew how good this stuff would be.

The PLENISH cleanse is seriously awesome. I felt genuinely satisfied after 500ml and ridiculously virtuous. I’ve had green ‘drinks’ from powders before and they are seriously rough in comparison. PLENISH tastes fresh, not sickly sweet and left me feeling epic.

I certainly can’t afford it on a regular basis but now my “I’ll know I’ve made it when” list looks like this:

* I get a blow dry every day before I leave the house

* I take a black cab everywhere when it’s raining

* I do my weekly shop at Whole Foods

* I get a daily PLENISH delivery

Green juices are an amazing way to get your veggies in throughout the day so if you’re a bit reluctant to pile them on your plate blitz them in the blender instead.

Thanks again PLENISH for this proper lush treat. The Mind Body Green was definitely my fave.


Last Friday a friend visited me from London. She brought with her big hugs, bigger smiles and ES Magazine food special. I wanted to pass on this thought provoking opener from the cover interview with El Bulli head honcho, Ferran Adria:

“Ferran Adrià leaps to his feet and races over to a large fridge, empty save for a glass of tomato juice. He picks up the glass and holds it urgently, eyes wide open in amazement, as if he were a 17th-century botanist-explorer who has just discovered a new species of fruit. ‘What’s this?’ he asks. We are an hour into our interview and he has been firing five times more questions at me than I have at him. I’m never quite sure whether or not he is expecting an answer. In any case, I feel as I used to in physics class at school, largely at sea. ‘What is this?’ he repeats. ‘Er… tomato juice?’

Adrià nods, but not very convincingly. ‘It’s tomato juice, OK, but if I pour it into a bowl what is it?’ ‘Soup?’ ‘Soup! Correct!’ Phew. ‘And then if I heat it up and mix it in with spaghetti, what then?’ ‘Sauce?’ ‘Exactly. But if it’s a juice and if it’s a soup and if it’s a sauce then it’s not, in truth, any of these things. Is it?’ No. ‘No. Correct. What this is, is a tomato that has been cut, cooked, chopped, strained, cooled and seasoned and, yes, if I drink it from a glass it’s a juice, if I have it with a spoon it’s a soup, if I attack it with a fork it’s a sauce. Got it?’ Got it. ‘And then what you must do to get to the bottom of it all is examine the tomato plant. So what we are talking about here — and we could be talking about a block of butter, or an egg,’ he says, wrapping up my 15th lesson of the hour, ‘is unravelling the DNA of food. Right?’ Right.”


I’ve passed my exam – with an extra 26%! My calculating, law of averages little sister will consider this 76% such a waste. Her eyes were very much on supporting me to the 50% pass mark prize. I’ve always been that 70%-er. Never top, never bottom, never scraping it through; just going above and beyond as much as I could to feel I’d made that extra effort. I was blessed growing up with parents (especially my Mum, when it came to academia) that never  demanded I be the best, simply give my best. Fi, this was the first of many, for you.

There will certainly be some celebrations this weekend. What are you folks planning?