Tightening the post summer screws

There are two months of the year where my diet is at its most relaxed – December and July. It seems fitting that torrential rain in South Wales this weekend marks a clear end to summer rebellion. It might as well be Autumn – the season where I usually find myself in the best shape.

Ironically, given summer is generally synonymous with baring a lot more flesh, it’s actually when I find myself on the slightly squidgier side…

Summer is about holidays – be those abroad or staycations. There are ice creams, there are beer gardens, there are lots of invites to do this, that and the other. I definitely find it harder to stay on the straight and narrow. I don’t mind relaxing the rules. I’m more than happy to treat myself. But there comes a point when the Magnums stop tasting as good and you’d rather leave the wasps to their own devices and the empty glasses in the beer garden.

So today’s the metaphorical annual drawing of the line in the sand – at least until Christmas. It’s time to get back in tip top condition. The 10pm to bed is back in force, the wine’s staying in the cellar, the food’s staying pure, clean and simple. Lots of fish, lean meats; mountains of greens. Super low on the carb count; high on the good fats. All washed down with gallons and gallons of green detoxing tea.

New list of goals need drawing up to attack this second half of the year

New list of goals need drawing up to attack this second half of the year


What time do you find you look after yourself most?