Comfort Food

This post isn’t about the sinister (and far more serious) topic of emotional eating. But it is about the right kind of comfort that food can so often provide us with.

I’ve had better weeks than this one (and it’s only Wednesday) if I’m honest.

We had to have the cat put down, I’ve been plagued by a rotten cold, multiple nose bleeds and the film I chose to take my Dad to, to cheer us both up, had an (unexpected) ending that revolved around losing a parent to cancer *wails*.

But when you’re feeling a bit under the weather, real food will absolutely make you feel a thousand times better. Eat better, you feel better, feel better, you look at life more positively. There’s no denying that if you eat cr@p, you’ll feel like cr@p.

I’m all for the “feed a cold, starve a fever” mantra of my Grandmother. It’s September now. Which means it’s totally acceptable to get the slow cooker back out. Load up the Le Creuset, watch rich tomato sauces bubble away.

Comfort food favourite  - a chicken, chorizo and bean stew

Comfort food favourite  – a chicken, chorizo and bean stew


For me this week it’s been that first bowl of scrambled eggs for brekkie once I’d got my appetite back, the butter that dripped off my rye bread toast with creamy avocado and juicy tomato, the steamy cup of Pukka ginger tea.

There are so many foods that can soothe the soul. Good friend and fellow clean eats blogger Ceri has an incredible selection of recipes for healing body and mind here. Take a look at the ones with a * as these are Ceri’s favourites.

What’s your go to foodie pick me up when you’re feeling a bit rubbish?