This week I…(cured the common cold)

Quite often it all turns out alright in the end, doesn’t it?

This was the week that started with the cat being put down; the killer common cold setting in; a dark, dreary day spent under the duvet and then ended with a pre-booked belated 30th birthday celebration with one of those friends that can always be relied upon to help turn things around. Fate, you’re so cruel yet so wonderful, aren’t you…?

Cure the common cold with breathtaking views and champagne...

Cure the common cold with breathtaking views and champagne…


Thankfully I dodged the need to swig from the Covonia bottle, managing an entire day in a client’s office with just three (hand over mouth, of course) coughs. I bought it out of desperate precaution. I hate these over the counter, syrupy additive-laden concoctions but I needed to think about the future of my freelance existence. No one pays the invoices of a consultant that infects their entire team with the lurgy, right?

For next time (although hopefully there won’t be one), Modern Medicine Man Aidan Goggins has shared a superb ‘chesty cough, snotty nose’ soothing suggestion via Twitter:

manukahoney+garlic+lemon+ginger+maca or ashwagadha+vitamin c+glutamine+paracetamol tea/whiskey & diphenhydramine & 60mgzinc/day

On arrival in West Wales for the weekend my breath was thankfully taken away by my something other than the wretched cough. That view you see there is from the infinity pool at The St Brides Hotel. It’s such a hidden hilltop gem and a gorgeous weekend retreat. In keeping with this week’s blog theme of comfort foods we had dinner (pictured here) at the “well lush” The Mooring in nearby Tenby. Particular highlights include the cockle popcorn, a sea bass fillet with the crispiest tastiest skin and house champagne at a dangerously reasonable price. It’s one of those warmly welcoming restaurants full of laughter, chatter, gorgeous nautical nicknacks and hearty platefuls of the loveliest local produce. 

So next week, let’s be having you. I’m certainly ready for all you plan to throw at me.

How was your weekend?