What I learnt on holiday

Full of the joie de vivre on the cobbled streets of Uzes. 

Full of the joie de vivre on the cobbled streets of Uzes.

We’re back from a week’s holiday in a beautiful corner of the South of France. Here’s what I learnt while I was there:

  1. My home is hideously immaculate (bordering on sterile) and I feel insanely liberated showering in a bathroom where chunks of paint fall off the wall mid way through shampooing
  2. You learn a lot about even those who are closest to you when you go on holiday with them
  3. [Real] bread is beautiful but moreish. Only ever pack stretchy clothes for holidays
  4. I want to be a baker. In a sleepy French village. Our children will be bilingual. My husband will touch up the paintwork in the bathroom, perhaps.
  5. Exploring is so much more enriching than a suntan. There will always be time to sit beside a pool – if only my 14-15 year old stroppy teenage self had been more aware of this
  6. Holidays are relaxing. Until you hire a car, fill it with four adult passengers and the drones of an incorrectly programmed sat nav
  7. When your legs brush home grown lavender and mint the smell will make you giddy and transport you somewhere that feels a million, trillion miles from home & your neglected suburban back yard
  8. You don’t need to stay in a hotel – as long as long as you have a dishwasher
  9. Don’t fill a silence. Make the most of the calming peace and quiet it offers
  10. Don’t be so quick to opt for long haul. There is still so much of Europe left to explore

This post was inspired by someone else’s initial learnings from #amonthinGreece with her family. Victoria’s Instagram alone is well worth a look at this time of year!