Running for a very different purpose

Newport Half All

Last year I ran three marathons in three months. Ridiculous, huh? This year fate has been cruel (kind?) and ensured I’ve secured a ballot place in the London Marathon. If only such things happened when I buy a lotto ticket…

My husband and sister are also running the London Marathon (a first for them both) and are giving their all to their training programme. Me, I’m just along for the ride.

I toiled hard last year to hit PB after PB in training sessions, practice races and on each of the three 26.2 mile monsters I’d signed up for. I notched up a series of times I remain immensely proud of.

This time I want nothing other than to finish London, keep my husband company along the way and raise some decent money for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Today my husband, sister and I ran Newport’s first half marathon for St David’s Foundation – the charity that so kindly ensured my Mum could spend her final days at home, with her family and not in hospital.

It was a bitter cold, grey and gloomy start but nothing could wipe the smile from my face. The pace my husband set was a manageable one, the crowds were so wonderfully encouraging and I recycled a t-shirt from last year’s races with ‘Ruth’ emblazoned across it, leaving supporters with little choice but to yell my name. I plodded along merrily without a care for the time on my watch and took in all the sights along the new route. I thoroughly enjoyed running alongside my husband – his opinion may differ slightly on this one… and a great time was had.

I’m all for setting goals, working to targets and putting heart and soul into something you really want to achieve. Today’s race however taught me there’s so much to be said for lacing up your trainers and getting out there and enjoying a run without a care in the world. Here’s to London.