Culinary triumphs – mayo

I love mayo. Especially the garlicky kind. I hate the rubbish that gets thrown into the jars of the stuff. And whilst Hellman’s blue label was once a regular feature in my trolley, those days are long gone.

Last year once I decided to give up bottled / jars of condiments for good as a result of all the rubbish that gets added to them, I decided to make mayo myself. I failed. Miserably. Too many times, too many ml of wasted good quality oil later. Split after split after split.

I’m nothing if not determined and have spent months looking for a new method. I came across this gem of a BBC Good Food suggestion.

No lie now, it took under two minutes to prepare and complete. The only bit that took slightly longer was the washing up.

Divine! I feel so chuffed.

From the simple ingredients of eggs, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, mustard, salt, pepper…

…To this:

Mayo ingredients

And ready for dolloping on top of a tuna salad this lunchtime:

Finished mayo product