This week I….

The sixth in a series of Friday posts looking at a very quick snapshot of the week that was.

This week I…


At the superb Fish at 85

It was my second trip this year. I seriously love this place. You know when somewhere just gets everything right? Like, everything? The service, the decor, even the loo is a sight to behold for heaven’s sake. It’s like Cornwall but on the edge of Cardiff City centre. I first went there the day after my Mum’s memorial service. It was like everyone knew what we’d been through (obviously they didn’t…) and they were so, so kind to us. I was nervous about my second trip – could it be that good again…?

It was. Maybe even a bit better. I couldn’t resist but to reorder two of the things (squid and seabass) I had last time but went for a new side dish edition of ratatouille. So much crunch and flavour. Blimey, that basil… Mmmmm.

Fish at 85 Collage

The upstairs kitchen means the scallops don’t hold their heat very well on the way to the table and I personally like my purple sprouting a bit crunchier, but once again Fish at 85 gets a big thumbs up.

What I especially like about this place is what they do for the local community. As well as inviting schools in for educational projects, the retail side of Fish at 85 makes fish far more accessible to all – the team has the most outstanding knowledge, will be the first to issue cooking advice and do all the gutting and filleting that none of us, let’s face it, are overly fond of.

A must visit.


Tim Ferriss’ ‘Four Hour Body’ or 4HB for the second time. This is very much a dip in and out, not read cover to cover type book but I love it.

Alongside ‘Fifty Shades’ (someone had to do it…) last summer, 4HB was my holiday beach read of choice.


Whilst the section dedicated to perfecting the female orgasm wasn’t my favourite (although the diagrams are a throw back to high school biology), Ferriss just says so many smart things. His suggestions are easy to implement and all based on self experimentation. I love that he’s pro beans and pulses (definitely where I think Paleo misses a trick); he mainlines green tea and his tales of his first treadmill tabata (we’ve all been there – or at least I have!) are pretty hilarious. For a fat loss quick fix with results that last, Ferriss is your man.

This 57 seconds of cool on the home page is worth a watch.


Just how important sunshine is to us all. Didn’t we all just feel totally amazing following the Bank Holiday ‘heat wave’?


And now grey skies again…

Vitamin D deficiency is a real problem here in the UK so next time the sun has got its hat on, roll your sleeves up – quick. A mere 4 minutes of sun exposure to the arms and legs will produce a satisfying 1,000 IU of vitamin D. So let your skin have a little airing before you slap on the sunscreen.

Be sure to do those sun dances this weekend…