Celebrating mini victories

Last week I did a wall walk. A proper one. My first proper one. Chest to floor to start, belly button to wall to finish. It felt so good.

Wall walk

This wall walk got me thinking – amazing the kind of thoughts that whip through your mind as all the blood rushes to your head – about mini victories and how we perhaps don’t celebrate them enough.

I’m a firm believer in dreaming big. Reach for the sky, the world truly is your oyster. But end goals need breaking down. There are a lot of mini accomplishments to tick off along the way.

And stop pitting yourself against other folk. 95% of the members at Celtic CrossFit can do a wall walk but I have every right to pat myself on the back. This was my progress. A little indication of the hard work I’ve been putting in, regardless of all the awesome beasts beside me busting out kipping hand stand push ups.

So if a big goal is taking a bit longer to reach than you’d hope, keep chipping away patiently, you’ll get there.

And remember, you’re entitled to reward mini accomplishments along the way… Especially if it’s a Saturday evening, especially if the sun is shining and especially if you spent all day revising in the local library!