Meeting PaleoChef

Regular readers of this blog will know I love to cook. The deal my husband and I have, with him on the washing up and the ironing and me at the stove and the supermarket, suits me just fine. His share of the bargain comes with the luxury of being able to generally do said chores as and when they suit, but dinner needs to be put on the table every evening. That’s more than fine most of the time but during more hectic weeks, even the keenest of cooks are happy to outsource. One thing I really miss about London is the luxury of easily obtainable, super nutritious dishes that could be collected on the way home from work – sashimi seaweed salads, bunless grassfed burgers, and organic plant-based delights.

Cardiff’s restaurant scene is awesome. It’s on-the-go, at home, clean eating friendly options less so. That was, until PaleoChef arrived.

The brain child and labour of love of Mari Griffiths and Pete Cookson, PaleoChef, is a meal prep and delivery service using the best ingredients and imaginative recipes free from grains, legumes, refined sugar and dairy.

I warmed to Mari and Pete the moment we met. It always feels so good to meet those that share your own passion, drive and enthusiasm and a determination to provide real, whole foods conveniently. Strong coffee and incredible pancakes were served shortly after my arrival, our stories and experiences shared and I was packed off with a cool bag full of lunch. Talk about making one seriously awesome first impression!

Pete the PaleoChef Cookson

Pete the PaleoChef Cookson

I care about where my food comes from and I care about how it’s prepared. In the past I’ve been pretty skeptical of meal prep and delivery services fearful that there are a certain number of quality trade offs that come with the convenience. But Pete, as an experienced health food chef, puts so much care and consideration into every dish and remains very hands on in every stage from farm supplier’s gate to customer’s plate.

The lunch I was given to try was from the ‘Performance’ range

  • Chargrilled chicken breast
  • Roasted sweet potato with flaked almonds  & asparagus
  • Pilau cauliflower rice
  • Broccoli
Packed lunch doesn't get much better than this

Packed lunch doesn’t get much better than this


Every dish needs finishing with a final dip in a pot of boiling water with approximately 10 minutes for the protein portion and just shy of 5 minutes for the veggies. Hauling the largest saucepan I could lay my hands on from the back of the cupboard I was off.  Instructions were bulletproof, timings insanely accurate and my, oh my, the final product was lip smackingly good. I didn’t feel like I’d cheated, I was comfortably full and left desperate to try more of the PaleoChef range.

Simply delicious - lunch care of PaleoChef

Simply delicious – lunch care of PaleoChef

Have you ever given healthy meal delivery services a go?

For more information about My Paleo Chef go to www.paleo-chef.co.uk