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Introducing... Ruth

Nine months up, nine months down

from 26th May 2016 by .

Picture: taken from The Art of Motherhood A wise and wonderful course friend of mine, with two children of her own, lent me some of her maternity clothes back about this time last year. It prompted a lovely conversation about pregnancy and post partum bodies and how I was very welcome to hold onto the […]

Baby led weaning – getting started

from 17th May 2016 by .

For better or worse (I’m undecided which) all the lectures that I missed at the start of the term while nursing a newborn (and am still to catch up on) were around preconception, pregnancy, infant feeding, weaning, children and adolescents. Thankfully it’s meant I haven’t been sat there thinking “why didn’t I do that?” or “why […]

Parenting: 3-6 months

from 7th March 2016 by .

We were properly baptised into the church of parenting by Bronchiolitis. It was our wedding anniversary. December 10. Our first night out since the arrival of our first born. He was ill. I was telling him we should stay at home. He was determined. We left, Britannia Encyclopaedia-esque tomes of instructions for the babysitter trailing […]

3 is the magic number. Or is it?

from 15th January 2016 by .

And now, we are three. And so, to an extent, dear Mothership are you. A third anniversary of sorts. Three years since you left us(ish). “ish” because it feels most days like you’re still there. Making stuff happen, keeping fate on my side, doing your best to ensure that every one of my good turns […]

2015: when life before became so quickly forgotten

from 2nd January 2016 by .

2015 was the year of pregnancy, birth and becoming a Mother. Whilst I’m sure I did many other things in between I’m so desperately trying to remember what they were. Another cliche come true. You just can’t seem to remember quite what life before your baby was like but you somehow on occasion yearn for […]

Parenting: 0-3 months

from 6th December 2015 by .

It’s like life before never, ever happened. Although I do rather fondly remember a daily cup of coffee in bed and a lot of time spent on Instagram. What follows will I fear read just like so many of the other posts shared by new parents because every cliché is painfully true. Although pain doesn’t […]

Our breast feeding journey 0-6 weeks

from 20th October 2015 by .

Before our baby was born we attended two breast feeding workshops – one as part of our NCT course and one at the hospital where we would have our baby. In between the knitted boobs and videos containing a lot of nipple, I spoke with many friends. No one ever made out breast feeding was […]

Recipe for disaster…Serves 3

from 29th September 2015 by .

Guest blog by Andy, the hottest new chef in Cardiff. Take one new dad-to-be. Add a dash of culinary incompetence and a pinch of kitchen calamity. Simmer for nine months. Stir in one new mother / nutritionist in training and a newly formed little person. Mix until all ingredients come to the boil. Serve with […]

And now we are three

from 19th September 2015 by .

Birth stories aren’t for everyone. Don’t read it if it’s not for you. I won’t be in the least bit offended. I’ve not held back on the details as blog posts like this helped me exponentially throughout pregnancy and I wanted to give a bit of that back. Grab yourself a cuppa – and perhaps […]

What exactly is a superfood?

from 1st September 2015 by .

Chances are if you’re reading this post and also one of my lovely regular followers you are going to have slurped a superfood smoothie, bought a superfood sprinkle for your salad and or found the odd dried Goji berry at the bottom of your handbag. But what really are these superfoods and do they deserve […]