Farming and its influence on us all

I’m rounding off my series of Trealy Farm posts at the point where it all started.

This picture captures some whiteboard thoughts with threw around on farming:

Farming whiteboard full

When I told family and friends I was going on a ‘Women in farming’ day, oh how they fell about laughing. I mean, I don’t blame them. 7 years in one of the world’s largest cities means I’m hardly in touch with my more rural side. But the discussion during the ‘Women in farming’ day highlighted just how farming is integral to all of us. It’s essential for the economy’s survival, the development of future generations and communities, farms have made their way into cities with accessible markets, there’s a legislation and policy concern, there’s a reason for us all to show an interest…

Each and every one of us will have spent formative years singing along to this classic. But how much time have we given to farming since? It’s time we did…

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