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Introducing... Ruth

Resilience in Motherhood

from 26th July 2017 by .

During pregnancy the thought of childbirth didn’t phase me. I was keen to understand my options, yes. I read a useful book, yes. And wrote a birth plan, yes. I hoped as many of my wishes would be accommodated but was open to things not necessarily going to plan [they didn’t. I genuinely don’t look […]

Parenting: 12-18 months

from 12th March 2017 by .

Your first birthday party was every bit of overwhelming chaos I’d anticipated but was worth it – for the rainbow cake. And of course for all three of us to be surrounded by some of our biggest supporters; champions of our sleep deprived, frayed nerve cause. I’ve just about forgiven the person that booked us […]

Post partum exercise

from 1st March 2017 by .

  Pregnancy is full of the most beautiful day dreams about parenting. Whilst I haven’t met a single parent-to-be that doesn’t anticipate changes or struggles, there is a painful amount of naivety involved. When you become a parent you realise, more or less as soon as the umbilical cord is cut, even the very best […]

Four years gone – and never better understood

from 15th January 2017 by .

Decemeber 2012 Today is our niece’s fifth birthday party. I can still hear your insistence that I attended her first. “Best in show” you kept saying, as I ordered Cath Kidston sale bargains for her gifts, from my phone, as we sat together in the living room. I never expected to return from the party to […]

2016: a year in review

from 1st January 2017 by .

I was enjoying lunch with new colleagues recently when the conversation turned to parenting, specifically my experience of Motherhood, and its associated difficulties. Eyes got wider and jaws not so subtly dropped as I rather nonchalantly recounted a fleeting moment, when at my most desperate, that I contemplated chucking myself down the stairs. But there […]

Fatherhood at 1 Year

from 11th September 2016 by .

(or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Baby) Sometimes my rather wonderful husband, the doting Father of our child, pops up on this blog with the occasional entry. Even in just a few posts he’s established a reputation as a better wordsmith than I with even better gags to boot. This post however, is unquestionably […]

Parenting: 9-12 months

from 7th September 2016 by .

9 months came and still you weren’t crawling. 10 months 13 days and you’re on the move. I’d have done well in pregnancy to chant over and over (and over. And over) “they’re all different” in a desperate attempt to way lay parenting concerns around why you’re not doing this or that and allowing you […]

Training to be a nutritional therapist: Year 3

from 25th August 2016 by .

  Around November 2012 my parents asked me what I’d like for Christmas and my forthcoming 30th birthday (January). It was a time in my life where I genuinely wanted for nothing. I set about compiling a rather super-charged Christmas List that manifested itself in a PowerPoint presentation entitled “All I Want for Christmas”. I […]

Review: Riverford Recipe Boxes

from 30th June 2016 by .

I love delicious home cooked food and I love to cook – which is probably just as well given the former doesn’t come overly easily without the latter. Amidst the chaos of the early newborn weeks and attempting to get to grips with breastfeeding I spent no time in the kitchen and, despite his best efforts with Dad’s […]

Parenting: 6-9 months

from 7th June 2016 by .

There have been two occasions where you’ve nearly broken me. Aside from the time your very arrival demanded a surgeon took a scalpel to my perineum, there was firstly this one particular night feed in week three where I was close to certain I would actually die from sleep deprivation. It’s a funny feeling sat in […]